• Oct 17 Fri 2008 20:40
  • 温柔

最近刚买的一枚腮红。MAC 的 Mineralize Blush,色号是 Gentle(温柔)。



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  • makeupmag
  • So pretty! You've reminded me to look out for this at the counter...hopefully it's part of the permanent range; I can't seem to remember. :P
  • Yes, I think it joined the family of permanent MSF, because I bought it during the re-launch. Do try looking for it at the counters. Gentle is still quite unique even though there are more mineralized blushes being launched.

    pinkink 於 2009/08/24 12:10 回覆

  • makeupmag
  • As makeup luck would have it (or flagrant purchasing, take your pick :P), I actually have this! *glee*
  • *Hoot* Congratulations! Ha ha...

    pinkink 於 2009/09/07 17:36 回覆